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  Working with a large variety of organisations  we found  whilst  every one is different, they all share the same fundamental similarities - they all  rely on key individuals for corporate or organizational  success. The following selection of companies covers a wide range of  sales development programmes and sectors..............from transportation, pharmaceuticals, and power, to banking, publishing ,PR, recruitment, hospitality , engineering, technology and food.........this rich mixture means we can share our experience with you and help develop your sales team more comprehensively.

'Excellent programme, that will be of benefit to both me and the company, made particularly interesting by the trainer's delivery.........'     David Manley, Account Manager  NATIONAL EXPRESS GROUP

The training exactly met our needs, and my expectations were met… Martin Rhodes , Account Controller, ROCHE DIAGNOSTICS

One of the most relevant, well constructed  programmes I have ever attended , with excellent practical advice that can be used immediately. Excellent leadership of the Programme….’
David Bank , Sales Operations Manager  , ROYAL BANK OF CANADA

Very relevant to the work I do , and I found the trainer’s presentation style superb…’
Rebecca Webb,  Sales Support Services, TOTAL FINA ELF

Fantastic trainer, held us all together and motivated us. Top marks Peter !....
Donna Williams, Sales  Promotions Manager, EMAP PUBLISHING GROUP

My expectations were exceeded – I’ll definitely be back !
Ian McKenzie , Key Account Director, SMITH KLINE BEECHAM

I felt I learnt a great deal, and the Programme was very beneficial to my career….
Christina Weber, Area Sales  Manager, POLO RALPH LAUREN (MUNICH)

One of the best consultants I have ever worked with – excellent technique !...’
Keith Meredith, Key  Account Manager , BG BUSINESS GAS ( CENTRICA )

Good balance of teamwork, role play, and plenary sessions. Excellent facilitator…’
Samantha Young , Sales &  Service Support, GRAYLING PR ( HAVAS GROUP )

A truly well designed, exceptionally well delivered course……….’
John Strachen, Account Director, MERCURI URVAL RECRUITMENT

An very useful, well presented, informative, course………..’
Tony Winchester, Senior Sales  Consultant, ROYAL MAIL ( PO CONSULTING )

'Very useful in understanding how to put together successful marketing plans, using different analytical tools             Cathrin Preece , Media Sales  Consultant, HARPER COLLINS PUBLISHING

'A great framework to work in, and a very animated and entertaining trainer.....' McCarthy, Account Director, AC NIELSON RESEARCH

'The best course I have attended so far. Very informative and enjoyable. I learnt a lot  ! Andrew Cort, Senior Sales Promotions Producer, GULF OIL

'Interesting, relevant, and of definite benefit to my day to day work.......Andy Lovett, Sales Engineer, BASF

'Given me a lot more confidence, and I've become more aware of the key areas I need to work on......Simon Spencer, Account Manager, PSD RECRUITMENT

''Extremely useful, both in terms of contract negotiation, and also Client handling...     Miles Celic, Senior Sales  Consultant, FISHBURN HEDGES PR

'The best programme I have ever attended. Superb pace, clarity, and extremely productive. I would not hesitate to recommend this course to anyone...'      Faisal Gondal,  Sales Operations Manager, TV ASSOCIATION

Thank you Peter ! very good and interesting. This is what I need much of. Influence and communication is very important when face to face , both inside and outside...'                                                                                  Goncalo Mello, Technical  Sales & Services Support Manager, TECH DATA LISBON

'Excellent programme, extremely well delivered..............'    Jonathan Thornby, Area Sales  Manager , SIEMENS

'Very knowledgeable tutor, excellent content, pace, structure, and practical models...'   David Dennison, Area  Sales Manager, REED BUSINESS INFORMATION

I particularly enjoyed the workshop approach to the training , plus excellent facilitation and presentation.............             Laura Haverley, Graduate Sales  Trainee, KEELER OPTHALMIC PRODUCTS

'Excellent structure, content, presentation and delivery ! Couldn't ask for more .....'          John Golby, Board Director, SCIENTIFIC GENERICS CAMBRIDGE

'A lot of very useful information put across in an easily digestible format , within a very short space of time...definitely worthwhile exercise....'     Tim Andrews , Divisional Director, MARKS & CLARK ( PATENTS AND LEGAL)

'Built on the first module with good levels of stretch in the programme exercises.....'                                               John Hodgson ,  Sales  Support Manager, SMITH & NEPHEW

'The method of training was excellent, well structured, and kept my interest all the time.....   Gillian Hope, Graduate  Sales Trainee,  NESTLE UK

'Entertaining, interesting, and directly relevant to my job.....'      Jim Perrot, Sales  Valuation Consultant, DTZ PROPERTY MANAGEMENT

'The course addressed exactly my level of experience and involvement in  management within the company...'       Julie Bevans, Sales  Training Manager, TAYLOR NELSON SOFRES  ( DATA RESEARCH )

'A great start to my development as a Key Account Manager ...'           Aurelia Spivey , Key Account Manager, SJ BERWIN LEGAL

'Excellent quality course, relevant to the subject, and very well presented...'     Anne Donaldson , Client Relationship Manager, AEGON SCOTTISH EQUITABLE



We recognise there are a number of issues of pivotal importance to HR  and Business Development Professionals, and we have responded to this with the following five commitments of benefits and deliverables : 


Using our Five Part Development Assessment, we ensure your corporate and organisational messages are both emphasised and reinforced , customising our core Programmes to achieve your specific objectives.


The ‘micro design’ of our Programmes ensures your Delegates achieve the highest possible degree of subject retention and practical use of their selected training topic.  


We ensure there is a high degree of transparency and focus in all our training materials, allowing and encouraging management involvement in the ongoing development of key individuals. 


Our background with a major consultancy practice meant we designed highly successful training and development initiatives with key organisations . We bring this valuable experience to the training & development of your key people.


  All our Programmes are designed to give you maximum impact and minimum overlap  -  particularly significant when we are developing a  modular series of training and development initiatives .

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