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Altius' means'higher', and we encourage delegates  to aim higher and develop their potential........... in both our open and in company Programmes we help them achieve this using  the following approach :



CONTENT - Programmes are designed to be in digestible, bite sized chunks, supported by powerpoint slides, which form the basis of ongoing learning. Delegates are encouraged to take notes, and  be prepared to engage in some pre programme preparation...........the Programmes are highly participative, include skills practise, exercises, role play, and case studies...


RETENTION - As mentioned in our Home page, our research  revealed subject retention is a major objective for successful training programmes, and  we achieve this by a highly focussed workbook design, plus post programme self assessment, and  ongoing 'E' learning .


IMPACT - Good training is about how people cope under fire, often with little notice, plus  how user friendly the training format is  in helping  line management engage in performance improvement. Programmes are extremely practical, with focussed post programme personal and business improvement documents, for example in the case of Key Account Management a twelve part Key Account Strategic Planner ( KASP).




Participants must be able to relate to the learning and training approach presented to them. In other words it has to be  relevant and meaningful.............our approach to effective in company training and development is to customise our   core programmes using a unique five part format............this is a very practical, non invasive, and confidential process to help us  understand your concerns and  objectives.

UNIQUENESS -No organisation, even in the same sector, is exactly the same as another one. We examine differences of emphasis, approach, and attitude.

OBJECTIVES - We consider your main corporate issues and concerns, and how training might impact upon them. Examples might include growth potential, client perception, competitive position, or perhaps attitudinal change .

CULTURE - There are subtle differences in hierarchy, authority, autonomy, and 'shape' in all organisations, which can have a direct impact on performance and productivity.

STAKEHOLDERS - We identify who who you feel training initiatives are likely to have the most impact on - both internally and externally, and what they would ideally like to achieve in terms of  performance improvements.

HR CONCERNS - We recognise the challenges and pressure of corporate need, delegate expectations, and budget restraints, identifying  best ROI  ( Return on investment )


SUMMARY -  Our approach is the result of years of serious work and research - both with the 2000 internal consultants we had at PA, plus a wide range of FTSE 100 Clients, and is designed to give you  focussed , robust, training  programmes guaranteed to impact your bottom line positively.  







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